Saturday, January 31, 2015

What I do recenrly

Recently, I work a part time job. I work it almost 4 times a week. I am often said I am a hard work worker and do overwork. However, due to shortage of staffs, I have to work too much. Because of a cram school in Yatsushiro, it is difficult for me to collect workers or staffs. My part time job is a tutor or teacher in a cram school. I usually teach math or English principally in junior high school. However, due to shortage of staffs, I have to teach other subjects, for example, Japanese, science, and social study in junior high school. It is so difficult for me to teach them to my students because I forgot their contents. Especially, science and social study have a lot of something to remember, so It is very hard to teach them to my students. To teach Japanese is also difficult because I don't know how to teach it. I have to read long sentences. Also, I have to understand the contents of each paragraph and something indicated by each discourse marker. It is not a subject which I can understand with catching only a glimpse of  each question like math and English. However, I have to preview them for my students which come to my cram school. I think it become a great experience. However, It is the fact that I learn English more, too. I want more free time, otherwise I can not teach English to my high school students very much. Especially, it is hard for me to teach it to the students which hopes to enter the university which is high level. so, I need more free time for them and my future. It is one of my purposes which I work the part time that I learn English more by teaching my high school students, previewing grammar, and reviewing it. However, I need more free time to preview it and learn the ability which I can solve a lot of difficult English questions in a blink of my eye. I want a  lot of staffs to work in my cram school. Yesterday, a man which is 27 years old was to come to my cram school only to teach. He will take entrance exam, and He will be judged whether he is adopted or not. I want him to come to my cram school, and work a lot because I want more free time. I am a part time worker, but he will be a staff. He is different from me, and he has to work to live,so he should work harder and more than I.

Recently, I often listen to music. I listen to ONE OK ROCK. They are so fool and cool rock group. Their vocal, Taka can use English and Japanese. His English pronounce is so good that there are a lot of fan all over the world. I want to become to sing like Taka. He has so beautiful voice. He was one of Jonny's members, so his action is so cool. Other members of ONE OK ROCK are also fool and cool. Toru looks so cool. He is a guitar. Ryota is so cool. His how to hold his guitar is so cool. Tomo is so cute a drummer. He is so funny and cute. They will sale a new album in February. It must be a so cool an album. I'm looking forward to it. My favorite music of them are Answer is near, Deeper deeper, Nobody's home, and Kagerou. They can make not only rock music but also ballade music. I am moved and get excited.                                           608 words

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BR 2-12: The Ugly Duckling

I read the book, The Ugly Duckling. It was so famous story. A dirty duck was made fun of by his clear fellow. However, he grew up and he became a beautiful swan. It was so good story. I was told dreams came true by the book. I decided not giving up my dream.        54 words

Susanna, Davidson. (2006). The Ugly Duckling. London, England: Usborne First Reading

BR 2-09: The Peach Boy

It was so famous book in Japan. I had not known the book was known all over the world. It was so surprising thing that a boy was born in a peach. I thought it was a wonderful idea. I liked it. Moreover, his fellow was so funny. They are a monkey, a dog, and a Japanese pheasant. Then, they defeated a demon. I didn't think they were such strong.                 70 words

Frith, Alex. (2009).The Peach Boy. London, England: Usborne Publishing Ltd.

Fernando Torres return to Madrid!

Fernando Torres returned to Madrid. He was a hero in Madrid principally in Southern Madrid. Why is Southern Madrid? Because there are a lot of fans of Atletico Madrid there, while there are a lot of fans of Real Madrid in Northern one.

 He flourished as a captain of Atletico Madrid when he was 19 years old. That was so great. More and more he flourished there, better and better his reputation was. His transfer value used to be great.

Then, he transferred to Liverpool in England. He also flourished there. When he was there, he was chosen the third greatest player in the world be a lot of player all over the world. He should have been the number 1...

He transferred to Chelsea in England to be the number 1. However, before he transferred there, he injured his knee. It was serous injury because he was so fast player. It is often said physical players are broken  by a serious injure. He may have been one of them. He could not fit Chelsea no matter how much time passed. I don't know the reason was whether anything due to the injury or play style. It is said one of the mysteries of seven in the soccer world.

Then he transferred to AC Milan to acquire the chance to appear and recover his ability under Inzaghi who was one of the best strikers in the world. However, he get only a goal in ten games. I was disappointed. He was loaned by Milan.

He was rented by Atletico Madrid. He might want to get back home. He got two goals in derby against Real Madrid. He will take back his top form and finished his career there.
                                                                                                                288 words

Monday, January 26, 2015

BR 2-18: Pinocchio

I read the book, Pinocchio. One day, an architect, Cherry found a log which spoke with the will, so he made a doll with the log. The doll was named Pinocchio. However, he hated study and effort. However, gradually, he got to study and work hard. Eventually, he succeeded to become a person with a fairy. The story told me effort made success.                                         63 words

Carlo Collodi, (2004), Pinocchio, London, England: Usborne Publishing Ltd.


I read the book, SPIDER-MAN. Now that it was so famous not only in America but also in the world. It was so interesting story. It was love and action story. One day, a man was bitten by a spider. Actually the spider was a special one and he got super power. He defeated a lot of enemies. Moreover, he had a girlfriend.                                                             63 words

Stan Lee. (1981). SPIDER-MAN. London, England; Scholastic Ltd.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

BR 2-16: JAWS

I read the book, JAWS. It was so surprising and frightening story. It was a shark story. I understood the fear of sharks. The shark sudden appeared and ate a lot of people. I didn't get wanted to go to sea. The shark was so strong. I thought the shark was the most strong creature, but eventually people somehow defeated the shark. It was so good because It was a happy end.
                                                                                                       72 words

Peter Benchley. (1974). JAWS. London, England; Penguin Books Ltd.